You may be wondering a little about how I came to be here with you today.
Let me tell you a quick story about When I was on a quest to find the most potent, pure and natural black seed oil.
Growing up I was always told that Black seed oil was the cure for everything except death. This meant my whole life I was constantly taking black seed oil for everything and I do mean everything flu, infection, scrapes and cuts you name it.
I remember once I had pneumonia and no matter how many antibiotics I took I just couldn't shake this infection. That is until I started to be consistent with just the right dose of my oil and VOILA no more pneumonia.
Now I'm not a doctor and I'm not saying this will work for you and if you have a serious condition or illness you should for sure consult a doctor. what I can do is share with you my experiences and how much I love and trust the power of this blessed seed.
Well back to my story. A few years ago I was trying to Find the purest and most natural black seed oil on earth. You know since I was a raving fan I may as well only take the best. However after doing extensive research on the subject I realized I was struggling with finding a high quality oil that wasn't second pressed ,blended or diluted in some way.
And I was getting more and more Frustrated and hopeless by the day. I even though maybe I wouldn't find what I was looking for. I though maybe I was asking for too much..
Then the bottom fell out from under me when I found out that every black seed oil I had taken up to that point also had some sort of solvent or was diluted with other types of seeds and chemicals.. Which meant I was only getting a portion of the TRUE benefit pure black seed oil could provide me. T
he more I learned the angrier I got. There was so many red flags that companies I bought from for years became boycotted over night. Out of all the people offering this oil there was only hand full that hadn't been caught with one of the unethical practices..
As you can imagine, I was in bad shape and desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of finding the highest quality and purest forms of black seed oil.
Then I was introduced to the idea that If I could find the actual seed I could make this oil myself and make sure it was the best in existence. At that point, everything changed! I discovered how to Identify the different types of black seed, their place of origin, their characteristics as well as their different benefits. I also learned to source the exact type and quality of seed I wanted to press get these high quality seeds pressed in FDA approved facilities in the good ole USA as well as learned to turn it into a business that continues to provide the solution I created for myself to everyone else.
Because I discovered I could make this oil myself and make sure it was the best in existence, I was able to always have the most natural and most potent form of the oil I wanted to use and consume. I was also able put my mind at ease that I wasn't actually causing my body harm by taking things I was unaware what was mixed in it. Another major benefit was that I was able to service others by providing the solution I created for myself to those around me that I cared about.
Now I'm living my dream of taking and providing the highest quality and purest forms of black seed oil and I never have to worry about Taking diluted, blended or second pressed oil ever again. And that's why i'm sharing this story with you about my journey to find the purest Black seed oil so you can experience this blessing too!
Welcome to Eden Originals where we believe in always providing the purest form of service and products to all of our community and beyond..